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Per the NCB (National Census Bureau 2017), there are 1.3 million people with disabilities in Georgia (12.2%). In Atlanta (inside perimeter), there are over one half million with disabilities (11.4%). 

According to the CDC, www.cdc.gov in Disability and Health, the factors limiting function and creating disability are:

  • physical environment that is not accessible
  • lack of relevant assistive technology (assistive,adaptive, rehabilitative)
  • negative attitudes of people towards disability
  • services, systems and policies that are non-existent or hinders the involvement of all people with a health condition in all areas of life.

We, as a community, can positively impact many of these lives by being aware,  knowledgeable, connected and inclusive. Through our activities and events, we bring light and focus to many of the barriers affecting those with disabilities.

You can help, too. Volunteer your time and donate today. Lessen the barrier, one run,  bike, skate or climb at a time. 


Our Mission

EndeaVor Adaptive Sports’ mission is to enable and broaden opportunity for individuals with  diverse abilities to participate in community sports, recreational  activities and educational programs. Our purpose is to foster inclusion,  independence, increase confidence, and improve health in all its forms.  Through collaboration with local business and community-focused  organizations, active events, physical support of staff and volunteers, as well as through provision of equipment, we offer a unique avenue of participation in the  multi-sport sector for individuals with disabilities.



Our Vision  

To be able to engage, enable and empower people to reach  their potential is our passion. Our goal is to leave no one on the sidelines.   We envision individuals of diverse abiities challenging their personal limits, on and off the field or court. When we challenge ourselves and push limits, we frequently discover that we are stronger and more able than we thought. We find strength, determination and willpower  to accomplish goals and connect with our passions. 

Through EndeaVor, individuals with diverse abilities have an opportunity to engage in  their community, challenge their limits and become empowered by their  accomplishments. When individuals with disabilities participate in  adaptive sport and the relationships that it nurtures, both the individual and the community discovers that empowerment is not merely a catch phrase but is an end result.   

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