Thank You!

Partners and Sponsors

Your support means so much.

Imagine sitting on the sidelines when all you want to do is run. Or watching from a bench when climbing that rock wall (or mountain!) has been something you've dreamed of.  Maybe you love tennis or basketball but without support, it doesn't feel possible. Swimming and the ocean calls to you but it seems only a dream. A dream you never even had the hope of dreaming. Until now.

EAS believes all dreams can be accomplished. It just may take a little ingenuity, a different path and a bit of support. These dreams are valuable. Dreams inspire action, action builds confidence and confidence leads to more attempts to try. Trying leads to accomplishment in not only this sport or others, but in a more general sense. Accomplishment to pride, excitement, contentment. The cycle keeps growing. All lead to an increased sense of well-being, happiness, and yes, joy.

Where do I come in as a business? As someone who's interested in independently supporting such a mission? How can I help?

An organization's work is never done! And you, as a valued local business, make all the difference in how well we accomplish our mission. There are many ways to support, from volunteerism, partnerships, supplying services, financial contributions and time commitments. Click below to contact us for ways to support our disability community and EndeaVor's mission to make a difference.