Ways to Support Us

PayPal Donations Page

As a verified 501c3 nonprofit, EAS, Inc is listed and has a donations page right on PayPal! https://www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/2472157

EBay for Charities

Sell your products today to benefit EAS, Inc. Great for fundraising! Ask us how to be a direct seller for us! (Good for auctions, etc)

Humble Bundle


We have a link just for us as a Partner with Humble Bundle.


Humble Bundle, a digital store for games, partnered with PayPal to support non-profit work. In fact, supporting non-profits has been part of their identity since their inception.  EndeaVor Adaptive Sports benefits from this partnership as a connected 501c3 non-profit to Humble Bundle and PayPal.



Shop and earn cash  

Popular stores, shops and cafes like Nike, UnderArmour, Walmart and Starbucks. You shop directly with your favorite merchant!, 


We have a crowdfunding platform. CrowdRise has now partnered with GoFundMe into one of the largest platforms in operation. www.crowdrise.com/endeavoradaptivesports